My family and I are in a desperate situation and in need of money. I thank everyone who has donated thus far. I am trying fast to move this merchandise so prices are negotiable. Most items have existed in a non-smoking environment with no sunlight damage.

Mailing individual items to the US, CANADA, AND MEXICO $3.50 for shipping first class. International inquires just message!


  • Shinmada Humikane Art Works $40 mint
  • NANA 1st Artbook $30 mint

ANIME All $5 except otherwise noted

  • Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: Gods and Detectives vol. 1 mint
  • Kyo Kara Maoh! (God(?) Save Our King) Vol. 1 
  • Princess Tutu Complete $15
  • Samurai7: The complete series $25 mint
  • Moon Light Lady full set(HENTAI) $45 some box damage, cases fine
  • DEARS vol 1 & 2
  • Saiyuki double barrel collection
  • Spiral: Disarming Fate, Spiral: What are Blade Children(case slightly broken)
  • Bubblegum Crisis vol.1
  • Parakiss vol.1
  • Mermaid Forest vol.1

MANGA Each Volume $5.50 

  • Fruits Basket vol 1-14 slight wear
  • Happy Hustle High vol 1-5 like new except 5th has water damage
  • One Thousand and One Nights vol 2 mint
  • Kamichama Karin vol 2-4 mint
  • Love Hina vol 7-10 like new
  • Kamui vol 1-3 mint
  • Ragnarok vol 1-2 like new
  • Return to Labirynth vol 1 slight wear
  • Bird Kiss vol 1 mint
  • Peppermint vol 1 mint
  • R.I.P. Requiem in Phonybrain mint
  • Arcana vol 1-4 like new
  • Doll vol 1 mint
  • Alichino vol 1-3 mint
  • Kare Kano vol 1 mint
  • Bizenghast vol 1-2 mint
  • Kamikaze Girls vol 1 mint
  • Shutterbox vol 3 mint
  • Cafe Kichijouji vol 2-3 mint


  • PGSM Sailor Venus Prize Figure like new $10
  • Advent Children Yazoo Prize Figure like new $10
  • Advent Childern Key chain Cloud, Yazoo, Tifa, Kadja  like new $10
  • Sesshomaru Plushie like new $10
  • Gothic Lolita Auska Langley prize figure like new $20

MAGAZINES individual $6 pack of 10—$50

  • Shojo Beat Feb 06-Dec 06(slight cover damage on Feb and some of the back of March is missing) and July 09
  • Gothic Lolita Bible Feb. 2005 $20

First come, first serve. Contact for closer in pictures.

Message first to see if item is still available. All purchases done through paypal.

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If you can, please help

Guys I really hate doing this, because I understand so many people don’t have money to support themselves and their families. We live in a world were the minimum wage is not not enough to support ourselves and families and on top of that our employees keep cutting our hours. Sadly I do have to ask that if anyone out there is willing to spare just a dollar or two to help my family I would greatly appreciate it. Our bills have piled up to a point we can’t handle

Currently we owe our electric company $700, they are unwilling to give us anymore time then an extra day and won’t take installments either. My father can’t work because of his severe depression and rheumatoid arthritis. He is humiliated that he can’t work to support his family anymore and it is heart breaking. My mother lost her seasonal job and has yet to find another one and won’t in time before our power cuts off. My mother has PTSD and uses her online foreign dramas to soothe herself and escape because she refuses to pay to see help because she’d rather put the little money she earns towards her family. My sister, a sufferer of manic depression and panic disorder agoraphobia uses the internet as her only tool to communicate with people outside of the family and it brings her so much joy. WHEN our power is shut off neither of them will be able to do the only things that keep them sane. 

My poor babies also won’t have any food in the next week with how much we have going out of the house for bills. I wish I could buy them the good for but I can barely afford the cheap unhealthy stuff. (the cats are siblings we rescued at 5 days from drowning and we could never give up because we are like their mothers)


I can’t really draw or create cute stuff for free for your charity but I can do a few small things to show my gratitude.

I can make you the following for your help:

  • Gifs from unpopular movies or tv shows or video games
  • Icons for roleplaying
  • Write fic for you (any fandom! But I specialize in DC, Marvel, Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. Can write smut too!)
  • Make you up D&D or Pathfinder characters(stats, equipment and a full back story included!)

*Soon I’ll be posting nail polish and Japanese pop merchandise, Korean pop merchandise and magazines for sale as well that can be bought to help us out.*

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Village of the damned. How may I help you?
Title: Dream Catcher
Artist: OLIVIA
Played: 73 times

Diane Guerrero, Dascha Polanco, Laura Gomez & Jackie Cruz for Cosmopolitan Latinas (Summer 2014)